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Northern Lake Sailboats LLC

Here's our pledge to you: If you make an inquiry, you'll be treated as a friend. If you make a purchase, you have our word that your purchase will be top quality and you'll be completely satisfied.

How to make a purchase:

Give us a call (715-887-3020) or e-mail (
We do not sell via e-commerce because we want to make sure all of your questions are answered. We prefer the personal touch.

Northern Lake Sailboats is a relatively small business and we do have other full time work to put food on the table, so if no one is here, leave a message and we will get back to you. Typically, someone is here during the day on Tuesdays, Fridays, and evenings all week.

We're proud to have the most complete inventory of Butterfly parts in the USA. Most items sold are shipped within a business day of the order. We ship Monday through Friday.

We do not have regular store hours but will meet with clients by appointment. We will deliver boats within Wisconsin at a fee of $1.50/mile
We will conduct private sailing lessons at a rate of $300/day plus mileage and meals.

If you purchase a boat, we will take the time (up to two hours) to help you set up and get familiar wtih your new boat.

Return policy: All items returned must be pre-approved. Shipping must be paid by the customer and there is a 10% restocking fee.

Northern Lake Sailboats LLC was established to serve sailors and support sailing on Central and Northern Wisconsins' thousands of small lakes.

We have a passion for sailing - be it cruising, day sailing or racing. We enjoy sailing with our kids, and have sailing friends across the country. Our goal is to help fellow sailors become better sailors and help those who want to start sailing headed in the right direction.

We are accomplished sailors, have won numerous regattas, and compete both at the Club and National level. We have experience you can rely on and trust.

We know the best way for people to learn to sail and to become better sailors is to spend time sailing. Getting it right means having a high quality, dependable boat and equipment that is easy, fun, and exciting to sail - a boat you and your family will enjoy for a long time and want to use often.

If you're looking for a small sailboat, we can help you not only find the right one, but help you get it rigged and answer any general sailing questions you may have. We can supply you with sailing equipment, hardware, line, and electronics. Our pricing is competitive and we're located conveniently in Central Wisconsin.

If you are considering a small sailboat, or need service or supplies for the sailboat you already own, consider giving us a call or e-mail. We're here to serve you.